Workplace training contributes effectively to your organisational learning strategy. Designed in context and consistent with your planning horizons, our workplace training develops skills and teamwork through relevance, clarity and interactive learning. Add coaching to the mix and support learning transfer from the training room to the workplace.

I have a strong reputation for designing and implementing creative, collaborative and inclusive service strategies across a wide range of community and organisational settings. Rely on us to communicate your vision, train your people in practical skills development and coach them to deliver effective results.

Develop your talent through strengths-based training

Invest wisely in workplace training that caters to individual needs, goals and strengths. Rely on us to help you develop learning strategies that are clear, comprehensive and inclusive. During a period of intense change that necessitates job redesign and/or work organisation, training your team will ensure they’re clear on their new roles and responsibilities and are equipped with the best possible tools to deliver results.

We are qualified and experienced trainers who engage learners in managing themselves as well as others, in delivering results for the organisation and its customers, in developing skills for work and life.

Add coaching to the learning mix and assist your staff to access emotional intelligence and resilience and manage their personal resources more effectively.

Sharyn is a respected and respectful leader. I worked alongside her for 15 months and learnt so much from her calm and focussed approach to getting the best from people and systems. She is a consummate enabler of others. She commits herself to facilitating their professional growth, their relationships and their teams, knowing that great outcomes in these terms are vital for program and organisational success.

Warren Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Youth Safe

Health and resilience in the workplace

By building a healthy and resilient workforce you can increase personal productivity across the workforce and positively impact your organisation’s bottom line. Use evidence-based mindfulness techniques that help to reduce stress, boost productivity, build optimism and resilience. Research shows you can improve the capacity of staff to delegate, communicate, lead and manage time.

I’ve designed and rolled out health and wellness programs and led strengths-based professional development programs that improve performance and productivity by reducing absenteeism and improving stress and satisfaction at work. And we’ve published the results.

We will scope, design and deliver a customised in-house training program for your organisation, according to need.

Work with us:

The Coughlan & Co team works with organisations like yours to help you:

  • Achieve and measure greater impact
  • Help your leaders stretch into new roles and directions
  • Equip your people to better lead, communicate and self-regulate
  • Support your teams to make evidence-based decisions with confidence and relative ease
  • Deliver investigation and evaluation reports that withstand scrutiny
  • Mediate between parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship
  • Introduce surveys that take the pulse of your workplace
  • Build competencies in writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively


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