Review and Analysis

We design and implement creative, collaborative and inclusive service strategies across a wide range of community and organisational settings. Rely on us to communicate your vision, train your people in practical skills development and coach them to deliver effective results.


Workflow and process review: Reduce timeframes, improve client service and increase efficiency. Involve your staff in process improvement projects that deliver results.

Project planning, monitoring and review: Build project capability within your teams through their participation in facilitated planning and review sessions. We help you clarify, target, design and document projects in clear and easy to follow steps.

Strengths-based teams: We are accredited StrengthscopeTeam® practitioners, providing online strengths assessments that show the overall distribution of strengths and risks within a team and facilitating the group to understand and work with both. Strengthscope® has Registered Test Status with the UK’s British Psychological Society.

Training and facilitation: Equip your people to better lead, communicate and self-regulate through the delivery of workforce training designed specifically to your needs or choose one from our menu:

  • Wellness and energy management at work – evidence based strategies that improve employee engagement, job satisfaction and performance.
  • Everyday leadership – enlightened management practise for aspiring leaders
  • Strengths-based teamwork – helping teams make sense of workplace behaviours
  • Aligning corporate values with the customer experience – meaningful customer engagement

Ensure a return on your training investment and, consistent with your 70:20:10 learning strategy, add online coaching into the mix to enhance leadership capability and applied learning outcomes.

Business intelligence

Survey instruments and data analysis: Surveys of workplaces and clients provide valuable insights. We build our surveys to meet your needs. Be the business that contributes to reducing rates of stress, sick leave and mental health issues. We help you understand your workplace and clients and, where needed, design strategies to address the results.

Evaluating business performance and service results: Planning and evaluation are the foundation of accountability, supporting your organisation to make evidence-based decisions with confidence.
Whether for strategic or operational purposes, we can help you plan for where you’re going, who’s going with you, the results you’re looking for, and how to effectively measure and evaluate progress.

Investigations: We conduct investigations into allegations of workplace misconduct including alleged unlawful behaviour. It is critical that fact-finding investigations ensure:

  • procedural fairness
  • confidentiality
  • thorough record keeping
  • respect for all parties, and
  • soundly substantiated findings.

We are familiar with Award and Federal and State statutory requirements and can provide you with investigation reports that withstand scrutiny.
Drawing on our wide range of managerial, governance, human resources and industrial relations experience we can provide you with systemic recommendations if required. This can turn a problem into a learning experience, improve governance and avoid a recurrence of similar issues in the future.

Mediations and Conflict Resolution: Grievance resolution can result in a procedurally sound outcome while leaving fractured relationships in the workplace. This is a risk to both work health and safety and to productivity. Alternatively, mediation can enable parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship while feeling heard and respected. Sensitive mediation or conflict resolution session/s can achieve a restoration of (or develop fresh) workplace/committee/board relationships while not undermining the necessary understanding and acceptance of differing roles, for example, manager and direct report.

Sharyn is a respected and respectful leader. I worked alongside her and learnt so much from her calm and focussed approach to getting the best from people and systems. She is a consummate enabler of others. She commits herself to facilitating their professional growth, their relationships and their teams, knowing that great outcomes in these terms are vital for program and organisational success.

Warren Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Youth Safe

Work with us:

The Coughlan & Co team works with organisations like yours to help you and your people:

  • Achieve and measure greater impact
  • Stretch into new roles and directions
  • Better lead, communicate and self-regulate
  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence and relative ease
  • Prepare investigation and evaluation reports that withstand scrutiny
  • Mediate between parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship
  • Introduce surveys that take the pulse of your workplace
  • Build competencies in writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively


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