Strengths-based coaching for people leaders

Identifying and focusing on weaknesses or failures all the time is exhausting! And, it's inefficient. Strengths-based coaching focuses on identifying and working to our strengths so that we're motivated, energised and far more effective.

Strengths-based coaching is all about identifying unique strengths and propensities so that your people can be far more strategic with how they spend their time.

When we’re working to our strengths, we know exactly how we can be most effective, we start enjoying work far more, and we know precisely where we should be delegating or outsourcing.

Wellbeing fuels performance

Sharyn Coughlan

Sharyn Coughlan, Strengths-based Wellbeing & Performance Coach

‘Nicholas’ told me how he had dressed every morning for performance.

He donned his stylish suit and crisp shirt and walked through the door like he’d already won the day.

Then the pandemic hit and his workload changed dramatically.

He felt less capable of managing a dispersed team remotely, and found that feeling good about his appearance was no longer enough to sustain his mood or his energy online. His decision making became less confident, his communications less clear and his team’s results started to tank.

This didn’t happen overnight, but it didn’t take long either.

Luckily for him, his manager was confident of his potential. She saw that he was experiencing a tough transition and that coaching would give him the perspective he needed to rebuild his energy and strategic focus. She was right. It worked.

In solution-focused and strengths-based coaching conversations, performance and wellbeing are interdependent and equally important.

Through strengths-based assessment and coaching your people will:
  • get clear on their work-related goals and measures of success
  • identify practical actions and milestones
  • build motivation and sustain focus
  • enhance resilience, and
  • ameliorate depression and stress

This is achieved through commitment and accountability.  And the learning experience develops participants’ planning skills and insight. Importantly, stress levels and associated risks to mental health are significantly reduced.

An online strengths assessment sets the benchmark for change, by helping to identify the employee’s core capabilities. And personal coaching helps to gain insight into whether they are optimising their strengths in the right way or in the right role.

You can rely on the veracity of Strengthscope tools.

It is the only strengths assessment to have achieved Registered Test Status with the British Psychological Society.


We continue to seek Sharyn's expertise for both our strategic policy work and our staff coaching and engagement. She's absolutely an all-rounder.

Simone Parsons, COO, Women’s Community Shelters

Return on Investment

The ROI is well recognised and estimated to be as high as 5.7 times the cost. And the evidence indicates that a focus on employees’ strengths boosts:

  • employee and customer engagement, leading to higher levels of performance
  • profitability and productivity, and
  • greater earnings per share for businesses.

But simple arithmetic is all you need to calculate the initial savings to your bottom line. The cost (time and money) of staff turnover is substantial compared to the relatively minor cost of a strengths-based assessment and coaching package.
The gains associated with developing and utilising strengths far outweigh those associated with remediating weaknesses.

Business impacts include:

Building leadership capability

Send the right message to your up-and-coming leaders about the potential for career advancement in your organisation by giving them access to strengths-based coaching, which improves:


Sharyn is a respected and respectful leader. I have learnt so much from her calm and focussed approach to getting the best from people and systems. She is a consummate enabler of others and commits herself to facilitating their professional growth, their relationships and their teams.

Warren Johnson, CEO, Youth Safe

The Proposal

Strengths-based coaching is a particularly effective support for:

  • Succession planning
  • Leadership and team development
  • Role transitions
  • Learning transfer (from educational setting to the workplace)
  • Personal vitality, resilience and sustainable performance
  • Each individual coaching assignment is priced at $3,500 (plus GST) and includes:
    • One Strengthscope psychometric assessment – additional access to Strengthscope online tools will be charged individually and only by agreement with the commissioning manager
    • A discussion with the commissioning manager and the person being coached to agree on strategic scope and purpose
    • Six online (Zoom) coaching sessions at regular fortnightly or monthly intervals (to be agreed upfront). The first session is 90 mins and subsequent sessions 60 mins duration.
  • Team coaching: from $12,000 (plus GST)
  • Strategy development and diagnostic for future-focused organisations: from $22,000 (plus GST)

Getting started

  1. Schedule a time to talk through your needs and we meet on Zoom
  2. I send you a proposal within 24 or 48 hours
  3. You pay the deposit and off we go.

Your coach – Sharyn Coughlan

As a qualified, accredited and experienced coach…

I have found that the most effective people leaders set clear boundaries and expectations while remaining kind, connected and exceedingly fair.  And I understand the challenges and rewards of managing diverse and inclusive teams, welcoming every opportunity to help build confident, collaborative and highly effective team cultures.

I’ve been coaching and developing people across all levels of corporate life in government and the NFP sector for more than 35 years, while building a strong reputation for strategic results within organisations and across communities.

Throughout this period I have continued to study and teach meditation, which has remained a foundation of my personal and professional wellbeing. My work is also informed by a keen professional interest in the neuroscience of change.

Education, accreditations and affiliations

  • Master of Public Policy (Sydney University)
  • Grad Dip of Social Ecology (Western Sydney University)
  • Master of Wellness (coursework), RMIT
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Accredited (ACC) International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Accredited Strengthscope® Practitioner
  • Member Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
  • Chair, Cicada International Ltd – producers of Australian Women in Music Awards
  • Non-Executive Director of Family Planning NSW.

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