Are you confident that you have a psychologically safe workplace where people want to work?  Employers are legally required to provide a safe workplace but protecting the mental health of employees is still largely an untested region of WHS.

promoting psychological safety respect and cooperation

These kids look psychologically safe in each others’ company.

Take a look around your team. Do you see and hear indicators of mutual respect, encouragement and cooperation? They are not the only signs, but they are a good start.

A review of your WHS policies and procedures and work practices will identify gaps and practical steps needed to reduce risk and create a safe environment for your employees. And, as we are all still working remotely, you could consider giving your people opportunities to learn from innovative online digital resources that interpret policy settings into creative workplace learning experiences. For instance, how managers open and manage these conversations with staff is critical to their success and the sustainability of their organisation.

Rely on our deep knowledge and experience of WHS policy and practice, and plan to take your organisation from risk to resolution.

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