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Sharyn Coughlan strategic planner

Policy, planning and evaluation

Your organisation’s policy and planning cycle is critical to accountability, supporting your organisation to make evidence-based decisions with confidence.

Whether for strategic or operational purposes, we can help you think about where you’re going, who’s going with you, the results you’re looking for, and how to effectively measure and evaluate progress.

Why engage a planning facilitator?

We can help you work effectively with diverse business partners, community members and/or customer groups. My role is to ensure the efficacy of the process by skilfully facilitating collaboration and cooperation on an agreed outcome.

Together we will agree on the direction and develop a workable plan with clear steps, timelines, and measures in place to evaluate progress.

By participating in the process, management can contribute more readily to both the process and the outcome.

Are you developing performance planning and reporting systems, social programs, health and wellness programs, consulting across communities of interest, and facilitating action research and change management processes?

In helping executives rethink the way they work with their stakeholders, we’ve co-created plans that enable policy and service results to be measured and evaluated at key junctures.
Ensure your organisation is relevant, agile, and a powerful agent for change; it makes far more sense to plan with others than plan for others. Let’s talk more specifically about your situation.

On behalf of the team our sincerest thanks for bringing your expertise, enthusiasm, rigour and finesse to this project. You have been terrific to work with and have done an excellent job getting across the intricacies of our model, the way we work and our purpose … not to mention diplomatically navigating the real (or perceived) policy tensions.

I highly recommend Sharyn and her team. We have subsequently engaged Sharyn for staff coaching purposes and have found a comparable expertise and authentic approach to this work as well. Absolutely an all-rounder. We will continue to seek Sharyn’s expertise for both our strategic, policy work and our staff coaching and engagement.

Simone Parsons

Chief Operating Officer, Women’s Community Shelters.

Proving your results

Have you decided to review program activity before taking your organisation in a new direction? We can help. We evaluate funded and sponsored programs; consulting with key stakeholders and policy communities to clarify activity, measure results and communicate findings.

Get the support you need to change direction or consolidate in one primary area. Make sure you agree on the right strategy and develop a plan that is communicable, actionable and measurable. Base your decisions on evidence.

If you’re ready to tap into the collective insights of your organisation and its stakeholders and build a strategy that will guide you into the future, talk to us about your evaluation project.

As a consultant and executive coach with 30 years experience across government and community sectors, I work with organisations like yours to help you achieve and measure greater impact.

From planning, training and coaching, through to performance review and evaluation, equip your people with the tools and strategies they need to put plans into action and continuously improve on results.


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