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Sharyn CoughlanNot-for-profits have all the challenges of running an organisation with the additional responsibility of social impact. The sector also brings its own unique set of challenges, including insufficient or insecure funding, patchy resources and support, and passionate, emotionally engaged people who are susceptible to burnout.

I bring 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, evaluation, training, policy and operational functions in government, not-for-profit and community sectors. Let me support your organisation to ensure that your social impact is measurable and powerful, risks and weaknesses are reduced, opportunities are seized, and funding is assured.

Whether you need assistance to redefine your vision, clarify organisational structure, roles and responsibilities, up-skill your team, and coach up-and-coming leaders to step into their roles, I can help.

My capabilities include coaching and developing management talent, work organisation and job redesign, planning facilitation, project management, program evaluation, corporate governance and performance reporting.

I have a strong reputation for applying complex policy constructs to implementation strategies and extensive experience rolling these out. My experience of facilitating consultative meetings, forums and workshops began in the 1980s when working in regional service systems. Over the years since then, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of planning and training in government and community sectors, in the context of ageing and disability, accessible telecommunications, community development, homelessness, cultural diversity and workplace wellness.


Develop your talent through strengths-based training and coaching

Your people are your biggest business asset so invest wisely with training to cater to their individual needs, goals and strengths.

Particularly when your organisation is undergoing a period of intense change that necessitates job redesign, your team needs training to be clear on their new roles and responsibilities, and to be equipped with the best possible tools that will ensure they succeed. Coaching helps them transfer their learning to the workplace and hold themselves accountable for achieving their goals.

A targeted strategy of workplace training and coaching supports more effective management and delegation, more responsive change management, and deeper emotional intelligence and resilience to future proof your organisation.

The evaluation report is excellent – deft, subtle but firm in its findings. Quite masterful.

Best of its kind I have seen.

Kris Neil

Chair, Women’s Community Shelters.

Health and resilience in the workplace

I’ve designed and rolled out health and wellness programs and led strengths-based professional development programs that enhance performance and resilience, bolster productivity and energy, and enable leaders to manage far more effectively.

Health and resilience training has a real impact on personal productivity and your bottom line. Using evidence-based mindfulness techniques that help to reduce stress, boost productivity, build optimism and resilience will impact on your staff’s ability to delegate, communicate, lead, and manage their own time.

Workplace training

Customised workplace, in-house or off-site training enables you to quickly and easily up-skill your team to improve outcomes. This is particularly relevant for periods of intense change and organisational restructures.

Workplace training enables greater strategic change management to be implemented quickly and effectively, along with a deeper engagement and resilience across the workforce to help ensure your organisation is future-proof. A learning organisation is responsive to change.

My particular specialty is workplace wellness, reflecting the research that shows that stress has a productivity cost and productivity and self-care go hand-in-hand. I can design and deliver certified, tailored training for your company, that focuses on improving health, reducing stress and improving resilience. I’ll show you how focusing on health and mindfulness techniques will improve your staff’s ability to delegate, communicate, lead, and manage. (link here to published case study in Journal of Management and Organisation?)


Plans are tools to map out steps and tasks towards an agreed destination. Plans guide decision making about spending, risk management, service delivery, staffing, product development, community development, and organisational change.

Planning facilitation helps you draw expertise, experience and insights from the most relevant people in your organisation, which then motivates and inspires them to work more powerfully (??) with this plan that they contributed towards.

Identify what’s working and what’s not, and increase the usefulness of your organisational roadmap to ensure you’re making the biggest impact possible.

Work with us:

The Coughlan & Co team works with organisations like yours to help you and your people:

  • Achieve and measure greater impact
  • Stretch into new roles and directions
  • Better lead, communicate and self-regulate
  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence and relative ease
  • Prepare investigation and evaluation reports that withstand scrutiny
  • Mediate between parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship
  • Introduce surveys that take the pulse of your workplace
  • Build competencies in writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively

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