Corporate Sector

At Coughlan & Co we offer executive coaching, workplace training and facilitation of planning and strategic problem solving for government agencies, business and not for profits, large or small.

I bring 30 years’ experience in strategic and program planning, policy, evaluation, training and mentoring, and have steered complex projects across the line on time and budget.

I draw on a long career and wide field of experience, having worked at the forefront of small and large organisations, across stakeholder groups, policy communities and business units to find shared meaning and collective impact.

Experience counts.

Executive coaching benefits

Coaching is particularly useful for leaders, managers and employers who want to improve their effectiveness while exploring their options and strategies with an impartial third-party.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Greater clarity, focus and strategic direction
  • Improved work relationships and more cohesive teamwork
  • More confidence in your role and relationships
  • Increased motivation and commitment to your role
  • Greater emotional intelligence, self-insight, empathy, and self-regulation.

Clients appreciate my warm and direct style and my extensive range of mindfulness tools and techniques, developed over several decades of study and experience in the contemplative traditions.

Workplace training

Customised workplace training, in-house or off-site, enables you to readily up-skill your team and improve results. This is particularly relevant for periods of intense change in strategic directions and organisational alignment.

Workplace training enables strategic change to be implemented quickly and effectively, helping ensure your organisation is future-proof. A learning organisation is responsive to change.

My particular interest is workplace wellness and we draw on professional practice and an evidence base that shows productivity and self-care go hand-in-hand. We design and deliver tailored training for your company that focuses on strengthening engagement, reducing stress and improving resilience. We’ll help you improve your staff’s ability to delegate, communicate, lead, and manage.

Planning and evaluation

Plans are tools that map out steps and tasks towards an agreed destination. Plans guide decision making about spending, services, risks, staffing, products and change.

A planning facilitator helps you draw expertise, experience and insights from the most relevant people in your organisation, which then motivates and inspires them to work more powerfully with this plan that they’ve contributed to.

We can help you increase the usefulness of your organisational roadmap through an evaluation of operations. Identify what’s working and what’s not and through planning, training and coaching ensure you’re making the biggest impact possible.

Work with us:

The Coughlan & Co team works with organisations like yours to help you and your people:

  • Achieve and measure greater impact
  • Stretch into new roles and directions
  • Better lead, communicate and self-regulate
  • Make evidence-based decisions with confidence and relative ease
  • Prepare investigation and evaluation reports that withstand scrutiny
  • Mediate between parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship
  • Introduce surveys that take the pulse of your workplace
  • Build competencies in writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively

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