Sharyn Coughlan executive coachExecutive coaching, and coaching for up-and-coming leaders and managers, helps cut through the white noise of a changing environment to achieve desired outcomes far quicker, and more effectively.

Research demonstrates that executives who engage a coach are more self-aware, confident, mindful and effective (see H. Armstrong, P Melser, J Tooth (2007) Executive Coaching Effectiveness: a pathway to self-efficacy. IECL, Sydney.)

Combining 30 years’ experience in management with decades of study and practise in the mindfulness practices I teach, I partner with my clients to build an easy rapport and help them move past any white noise to arrive at the heart of the matter, ready for action. I’m accredited with the International Coach Federation, providing ethical, confidential and effective coaching services to clients who are keen to take time to reflect and plan their way forward.

Using strengths-based performance and coaching conversations, we help your people get the most out of training and other professional development activities, so they can transfer their learnings to the workplace and deliver results.


The purpose of coaching

To solve problems we need to be clear about purpose and expectations. That’s why all coaching assignments begin with an honest conversation about the coaching brief, including the desire for change and achievement. Then a schedule of coaching is agreed upon.

The purpose of coaching is to ensure that the person being coached has the best possible chance of succeeding with on-time, as-needed support. Coaching doesn’t instruct or train, but rather equips and empowers people to draw on their insights and put what they know into practise. And it supports them through challenging times. Make sure your people have the opportunities they need to reflect, develop and succeed.

I have worked with Sharyn Coughlan for over a decade. Sharyn has an ability to focus on issues that have critical impact and get to the heart of the matter in a quick and efficient manner.

Sharyn has provided invaluable services to me and my team. She was instrumental in identifying gaps in our program structure. She organised and facilitated a planning forum for managers and staff which was key to the expansion of our program through a realignment of our structure and position descriptions.

She is an amazingly competent business coach, supporting me effectively through a period of extensive program growth, and I have referred numerous colleagues.

Dina Petrakis

Ignite Global Manager, Settlement Services International.

Productivity and self-care

Of the many reasons to prioritise wellness, management’s duty of care for the health and wellbeing of employees is a powerful motivation. It leads to improved staff engagement and resilience, reductions in sick leave and, therefore, improved productivity.

Productivity goes hand-in-hand with self-care. Research shows that productivity declines when self-care is neglected. Combat presenteeism and improve your organisation’s reputation as a desired workplace by helping your team to take their self-care seriously.

Drawing on evidence emerging from the field of neuroscience and decades of study and practise in the mindfulness techniques I teach, I am able to offer a practical toolkit of techniques and strategies to help your people thrive.

Stress has a productivity cost and the potential for burnout is real. Coaching provides invaluable support to ensure your people have the best possible tools and routines that help change minds, achieve professional goals and safeguard their health and wellbeing.

Work with us:

The Coughlan & Co team works with organisations like yours to help you:

  • Achieve and measure greater impact
  • Help your leaders stretch into new roles and directions
  • Equip your people to better lead, communicate and self-regulate
  • Support your teams to make evidence-based decisions with confidence and relative ease
  • Deliver investigation and evaluation reports that withstand scrutiny
  • Mediate between parties in conflict to rebuild their relationship
  • Introduce surveys that take the pulse of your workplace
  • Build competencies in writing clearly, succinctly and persuasively


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