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How great would it be to see your managers consistently achieving their performance goals?

I’m a consultant and executive coach with 30 years experience across government and community sectors. My team and I work with corporate and community organisations to help you achieve and measure greater impact. From planning facilitation, training and coaching, through to performance review and evaluation, I equip your people with the tools and strategies they need to put plans into action and continuously improve on results.

How I work with you

In fast-paced and highly regulated environments, you need an experienced, steady hand to help guide decisions, ignite productive discussions, ask difficult questions and bring people together. I have helped organisations like yours achieve their goals with a combination of training, coaching, consulting and performance review.


Effective planning increases your organisation’s likelihood of success. Whether strategic or operational, or a project plan that grows out of a recent evaluation so that you can devise better outcomes with the next iteration, planning multiplies the probability of reaching your goals. Involving the people most affected by the plan in a collaborative and inclusive process will achieve the best results.


All organisations undergo periodic cycles of change that require specialty training to realign, refine and upskill. Invest in your people, enabling them to better lead, manage, communicate, self-regulate and coach their teams. Our training and education team is highly qualified and experienced. We provide training that is tailored to your organisation’s needs and, where appropriate, mapped to VET Australian industry qualifications.


Executives who participate in coaching say they are more self-aware, confident, mindful and effective as a result. Coaching creates a space for new insights and whether you’re the CEO, Board Member or a senior executive, coaching helps you see clearly and act wisely. I am a qualified and experienced coach, accredited (ACC) with the International Coach Federation.

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